About Minneapolis Energy Options

Once in a generation, we have a window of opportunity to shape our energy future. Minneapolis Energy options is about people becoming energy deciders, not just consumers. We need to keep our city’s energy options open so we can secure an affordable, reliable, clean, efficient, and locally-controlled energy future.

Minneapolis Energy Options is a coalition of organizations and neighbors interested in expanding energy options for the City of Lakes. We support more conservation and energy efficiency, local renewable energy and democratic control of our energy system.

We are seeking other community partners who can help develop a strategy and engage a broader base of Minneapolis residents in this question. We believe that Minneapolis should keep its options open, rather than locking in another 20-year relationship with utilities reliant on dirty energy during a time when dirty energy prices, clean energy technology, and opportunities for local economic development around energy are changing rapidly. We’re not sure municipalization is the right choice for Minneapolis, but we want to enable and push the city to evaluate and pursue it as an option while ensuring that whatever action is taken protects the interests of Minneapolis residents by:

  • Keeping rates at or below their current levels
  • Maintaining or improving energy reliability
  • Creating a clear pathway to dramatic city-wide energy savings to reduce both costs and dependency on dirty energy,
  • Creating a structure and system for greater community ownership, control, and economic benefit in our energy system
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